An Eye on Vi

An Eye on Vi

Jaryn Lasentia as Vi, The Mermaid Hour

A conversation with Jaryn Lasentia

The final weekend of The Mermaid Hour approaches, and audiences have loved this journey we’ve taken. But it’s not over yet. You still have the chance to be a part of the conversation. No dialogue is complete without a little perspective, so we took some time to ask Jaryn Lasentia, who portrays the titular Vi, some questions on their perspective and what The Mermaid Hour means to them!

The themes of the show center directly around your character, Vi, and her experience of being a transgender girl. In what ways do you relate to Vi, and what about your own life and personality do you bring to the character?
Vi and myself both feel very strongly about what we want and about our beliefs. I bring my own sassiness and persistence to the character of Vi. I also bring my life experiences I’ve had that are the same if not similar, to make Vi and the story more real.

As the youngest member of the cast, what is it like performing with mostly adult actors?
Here’s how I think of it. Acting with older actors is just the same as acting with any professional of any age. The defining factor is not age as much as professionalism. Everyone in the cast is professional and so much fun to work with!

Why do you think it’s important to tell this kind of a story at this point in time?
Trans kids have little mainstream representation in the world. I think it’s important to tell the story to represent them and explain what they go through so people can have a better understanding.

Tell us about how heard about Milagro, and how you came to be a part of this Rolling World Premiere.
I heard about Milagro through the 2017 PATA general auditions. I was called back multiple times and auditioned with various actors until I was offered the role of Vi.

What have been some of your favorite moments of working on this show?
All of us backstage share a similar sense of humor. Every time someone makes a joke, everyone thinks it’s funny. Jed (Bird) and I always run the show beforehand with funny accents, so we can get the giggles out. Also, Michael (Crux) and I like to discuss pop culture and share fun life experiences, while we are getting ready. Finally, at half hour call, everyone in the cast gathers on stage and we take three deep breaths to center ourselves before the show.


See Jaryn and the rest of the cast in the final weekend of The Mermaid Hour!
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