Workshops & Residencies

Workshops & Residencies

Milagro Touring & Arts Education Programs for schools embraces a cradle to career approach in arts education.  As members of the Coalition of Communities of Color, the OYE Sexual Health Coalition and an Oregon Arts Commission model of best practices, Milagro’s educational bilingual plays and workshops address a broad range of themes that include socioeconomic disparities, racism, environmental and health related inequity and loss of culture.  Through workshops and residencies, Milagro engages students from elementary through college to foster self-determination, wellness and cultural pride.

Teatro Milagro designs workshops and residencies for both schools and community collaborations.

Inclusive workshops can be designed from one to three hours and sequential learning residencies can be two or three days. Actors work in multiple classrooms at the same time, reaching hundreds of students in just one day! Additionally Milagro’s workshop programs include community collaborations, leadership diversity trainings and a culminating public performance.

UNIDAD Curriculum, developed by Teatro Milagro, explores pride in self and family, and environmental health and wellness of the community through the lens of theatrical expression.  Milagro’s “Body Positive” for middle school and “Healthy Relationships” for high school, workshops, can also be integrated into a UNIDAD residency.  Sessions can be paired with self-portraiture, personal stories and poetry, environmental science projects and eco-drama.

UNIDAD is a STEAM model of best practices that can be presented in language arts, social studies, science, and arts classes to engage a whole school in a Renaissance of learning.