“Latina” makes a sizzling, spicy statement

“Latina” makes a sizzling, spicy statement

The following is a guest review by Rosie Hickey:

“‘Learn tobe Latina‘ is a sizzling, spicy show making a statement at the Milagro Theater
currently. This upbeat musical will leave you laughing in tears while the
characters use humor to acknowledge present day social issues.

It opens with
the main character, Hanan, a young Lebanese woman given the chance to be the
next BIG Latina pop star like JLo or Shakira. Through her journey, Hanan is
forced to into an identity crisis. Each character seems to have their own
struggle with a piece of their identity. The interlaced plot about gayness and
secrecy makes the identity theme more complex and dense.

The only criticism I
had of the play is perhaps it tries to pack in too much in. Between the
multiple relationships, the central one did not feel as though it had time to
develop between sassy Hanan and her lover. Carol Wells explains, “This play feeds ethnic
and sexual identity stereotypes into the wood chipper and grinds them up, but
the buzzing noise is initially covered by the sound of laughter.” There is
anger and confusion brought on by these stereotypes but allows for reflection
upon these issues.

This story had a unique twist on how society faces the ever
changing society and the norms many feel trapped in by. It pushes boundaries of
what we can expect for theater in the future. All in all it is a must see
because not only does it open your mind but keeps you laughing while doing it!”

There are only two weekends to catch the show! Come see for yourself why the hilarious lesson of “Learn to Be Latina” is getting raves from audience and critics alike!