Everybody loves American Night!

Everybody loves American Night!

Audiences and reviewers are loving American Night, and we know you will too!

“American Night has landed in Portland, appropriately at Milagro Theatre, the city’s center for Latino performance and culture, and it’s been worth the wait…A hard-to-resist charm bubbles along the shifting surface of this alt-history. Join this thing called America, it seems to urge Juan José. Just know what it is you’re joining.”Oregon Arts Watch

“This is a strange and wonderful piece, taking us on a journey through our history” Dennis Sparks

 “Directed by Elizabeth Huffman (Oedipus el Rey), American Night’s dizzying character changes are handled with deftness and zeal by an impressive ensemble cast.”The Portland Monthly

“American Night is an intriguingly optimistic play, one that takes the country’s toughest blows, gathers its counterbalancing stengths, and emerges stronger.” Oregon Arts Watch

“Hey Portland[er]s. Check out this riot of humor and galore at Milagro! They empty the entire prop room for this! Stellar”Jordan McCann

“This was an amazing show — funny and profound at the same time. Love the Zinn’s People’s History references. The ensemble players are geniuses at assuming different characters (changing gender, ethnicity, age) within seconds! May you enjoy a fabulous run of this beautiful work of art!”Sherri Vacarella

“See this if you can. Really.” Susan McKee Reese

“Incredible, hilarious, absolutely crammed with historic and comedic references…not to be missed!” — Charles K. Johnson

Join us this weekend and experience this wild odyssey. There are only 8 performances left; the show must close on May 23rd! Get your tickets by calling 503-236-7253 or online!