Latino Artist Fund: Maria Osterroth

Latino Artist Fund: Maria Osterroth

Maria Osterroth is from Mexico City, where she worked as a journalist at several publications including
Reforma Newspaper, one of the biggest and most influential newspapers in Mexico ( At Reforma, one of her responsibilities was interviewing international businessmen, and writing special economic reports.

She has a Bachelor’s Degree in communication science from Universidad del Valle de Mexico and also has
studied economics and finance. Maria moved to Portland in 2005. She studied at Portland Community
College in order to improve her skills in English. She concluded the ENNL Program (English as a Non-Native Language.) She also has taken journalism, writing and Public Speaking classes.

In 2007, she founded the Portland Latin American Film Festival.

Maria believes that a good film, artfully told, is a great platform and subtle strategy for bringing about social change. She is the mother of a eleven-year-old son who she is raising to be bilingual.
In addition to the PDXLAFF, Maria has worked as a freelance interpreter for Hecht & Norman, LLP. She also has worked as a freelance reporter and translator for the bilingual newspapers, El Hispanic News, El Latino de Hoy and El Centinela Católico in Portland, Oregon

The Portland Latin American Film Festival is a non-profit cultural organization dedicated to showcasing perspectives of Latin American culture through an annual exploration of Latin American films. PDXLAFF presents films with universal appeal that can be enjoyed by native Spanish, Portuguese, and English speakers, and other lovers of the Latin culture. XVI PDXLAFF will kick off on September 21st at the Hollywood Theatre.