Performing Artists • O • Last Name


Performing Artists • O • Last Name

Xavier Obando

Ecuatoriano, viene con mucho interés en continuar con esta nueva compañía.



Te llevo en la sangre (2002)

Beto O'Byrne

Beto O’Byrne is a writer and creative artist from the pine forests of East Texas and the co-founder of Radical Evolution, a multi-ethnic, sincerely, multi-disciplinary producing collective based in Brooklyn, NY. The author of 20 plays, screenplays, and original TV pilots, his works have been produced in and developed in San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Portland, and New York City. His work has been supported by residencies at Pregones Theater, El Teatro Campesino, Stages Repertory Theatre, Florida Repertory Theatre, Tofte Lake Center, Governor’s Island, The Rough Draft Festival at LPAC, and the New Ohio Theatre, and has been supported by prominent funders such as the MAPFund, Network of Ensemble Theatres, and the Puffin Foundation.

His commissions include works for 52nd St. Project, The Foundry Theatre, The Movement Theatre Company, and Watts Village Theater Company. O’Byrne has been a resident artist at numerous organizations, including New York Theatre Workshop (2050 Fellowship), the Stella Adler School of Acting (playwright-in-residence), the Texas Black and Latino Playwriting Festival, INTAR’s Maria Irene Fornes Hispanic Playwrights in Residence Laboratory, Lincoln Center Theater’s Director’s Lab, and Tofte Lake Arts Center Emerging Artists Residency. MFA in Dramatic Writing: University of Southern California.



The Corrido of the San Patricios (2020)

Ixel Olivas

rings to her work a lifetime of sewing and design experience. From the careful tutelage of her grandmother to her undergraduate work with Southern Oregon University, Ixel has costumed productions such as Oliver, Sweet Charity, and Once in a Blue Moon. Ixel was the head costumer for Formations Dance Company and Xdance. Most recently she costumed the Milagro Bailadores' production Carnaval and, in addition to her work on Rabbit, is costuming Teatro Milagro's Entre Dos Mundos.



When the Blues Chase Up a Rabbit (1998)
Entre Dos Mundos (1998)
Camino al Carnaval (1998)

Emma Oliver

was born in Guadalajara, Mexico. Raised in a bilingual household, Emma learned English and Spanish at the same time. She graduated from La Universidad Femenina de Guadalajara with a degree in business management. She became a teacher at the same university teaching English. Her first novel, A House in Los Potreros, is looking for a publisher. Her short stories in Spanish appeared in “El Cuento, Revista de Imaginacion” and “El Informador.” Her work in English appears in the web site of Latino magazine “El Andar.”



Pluma Nueva (2005)
Pluma Nueva (2004)

Karen Olivo

has appeared in several MTG productions including Cuentos, Latina, and Camino Confusion. She is extremely happy that her grandchildren, Angela and Gabe, have decided that they like acting.



The Fat-Free Chicana & the Snow Cap Queen (1995)
Festival de Navidad(1994)
Heroes & Saints (1994)
Camino Confusion/Confusion Street (1993)
Latina (1992)
The Lady from Havana (1992)
Cuentos (1992)

Luis Ornelas

made his acting debut with the Miracle Theatre production of The Shrunken Head of Pancho Villa. Born in east LA, Luis earned his way through college working with migrant workers picking grapes. He is currently chairman of the Hispanic Commission in the Episcopal Diocese of Oregon.



Medea (1990)
Orinoco (1990)
The Shrunken Head of Pancho Villa (1990)

Carmen Maria Orso

makes her first dramatic stage appearance in Roosters. Previous credits include roles in the movies "Permanent Record" and "A Bad Trip," and the musicals Working and kicks on Broadway. She has also don industrial films and commercials, most notably those for Jockey Underwear. Professionally, she is a registered nurse.



Roosters (1989)

Rodolfo Ortega

has composed music and designed sound for numerous theaters in Portland, Oregon and across the region. He received his Bachelor's Degree in Music from the University of Arizona and his Master’s degree from Manhattan School of Music where he studied piano and composition. He has recently composed music for OSF’s Tenth Muse, Denver Center’s Romeo and Juliet and Three Musketeers, ART’s Feathers and Teeth, South Coast Rep’s upcoming Monster Builder, Santa Cruz Shakespeare’s Macbeth, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. He has also written numerous musicals for NWCT including, Snow White, Peter Pan and The Little Mermaid.

Rodolfo Ortega ha compuesto música y diseñado sonido para un gran número de teatros en Portland, Oregon. Él obtuvo su bachillerato en música de la Universidad de Arizona y su maestría en música en Manhattan School of Music, donde estudió piano y composición. Recientemente, compuso música para The Tenth Muse (The Oregon Shakespeare Festival) y The Three Musketeers, Romeo & Juliet (Denver Center Theatre Company), Feathers and Teeth (ART), las producciones por realizarse de Monster Builder, y las obras Macbeth, y A Midsummer Night’s Dream para la compañía Santa Cruz Shakespeare. Además ha compuesto muchos musicales para la compañía Northwest Children’s Theatre incluyendo Snow White, Peter Pan, y The Little Mermaid.



Oyé Oyá (2017)
Learn to Be Latina (2014)
Oya: Call the Storm (2008)
Mariela in the Desert (2007)
Sonia Flew (2007)
Ardiente Paciencia (2006)
Elliot, A Soldier's Fugue (2005)
The True History of Coca-Cola in Mexico (2005)
Día de los Muertos (2004)
Lorca in a Green Dress (2004)
Icarus (2001)
References to Salvador Dali Make Me Hot (2001)
Noches de Cuba (2001)
Kiss of the Spider Woman (2001)
Christmas Crisis in Las Cruces! (2000)
Día de los Muertos (2000)
Life is a Dream (2000)
Fortuna de la Vida (2000)
El Paso Blue (2000)
Baile Romantico (2000)
Baile Romantico (2000)
The True History of Coca-Cola in Mexico (2000)
La Posada (1999)
Día de los Muertos (1999)
Blood Wedding (1999)
Fortuna de la Vida (1999)
Men on the Verge of a His-Panic Breakdown (1999)
Cafe Con Leche (1998)
Unmerciful Good Fortune (1997)
Alas del Huracan (1997)
Rey de la Gente Frutal (1994)
Heroes & Saints (1994)
My Visits with MGM (1994)

Nick Ortega

was born and raised in Fresno, California before he moved south to attend and eventually graduate from UCLA’s Theater Film and Television Department. He lives in Los Angeles while successfully and blessedly staying ever creative: acting, writing, directing, producing and most importantly, learning. This show is dedicated to his “pack” for their limitless love, patience and support. Nick thanks Miracle Theatre Group for its open arms and opportunity in this first-timer’s Portland adventure.



Oedipus el Rey (2012)

Rubén Ortiz

es escritor, educador y director de teatro de la Ciudad de México. Es fundador del colectivo La Comedia Humana y trabaja como profesor en la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México y como editor del Centro de Investigación Teatral Rodolfo Usigli. Con la metodología de teatro físico ha creado espectáculos que han viajado a nivel internacional (Praga, Bilbao, Madrid, Medellín, Nueva York). En los últimos años, Ortiz se ha dedicado a trabajos en espacios específicos (museos, galerías, casas, calles), así como colaboraciones creativas con otros artistas escénicos y otras disciplinas artísticas para instalaciones teatrales.



Dos Pueblos (2008)

Alyson Ayn Osborn

has performed in many Portland productions, most notably as Laura in Glass Menagerie at Willamette Repertory. She can also be seen in several local commercials and as a singing telegram messenger.



Oedipus Rex (1986)

Steve Osburn

This is Steve's third Portland production, following his appearances as Owen Musser in The Foreigner and as Harry Roat in Wait Until Dark (Sylvia's)



When El Cucui Walks (1995)

Joye Otto

graduated from Brandies University with her MFA in Theater Arts. Burning Patience is her third production with Miracle Theatre.



Burning Patience (1999)
Deporting the Divas (1999)
Cafe Con Leche (1998)

Marlon Jiménez Oviedo

is from Costa Rica. With Teatro Milagro, he has appeared as Matilde, Mijita Fridita; Miguel, Super Ana; and Esteban, Broken Promises. He graduated with a double major in Theatre and Environmental Studies from Lewis & Clark College, where he devised Being the Touristed, Part 1: The Unspoken, which debuted as his thesis performance in 2016. He recently choreographed for Mock’s Crest production of Ruddigore, and performed in the role of Kelpie for Third Rail Repertory’s mentorship program’s production of The Skriker.



El Payaso (2017)
Mijita Fridita (2016)
Super Ana! (2016)
Broken Promises (2016)

Kudra Owens

studied classical ballet for nine years, beginning at the age of 3. She attended a performing arts high school in Seattle where she also studied drama. She has performed in several plays, participated in an improvisational performance group and moved to Portland in August of 1989. She is currently studying at the Training Ground.



The Magic Stone (1990)