Touring & Education

Touring & Education

Milagro Touring & Arts Education Programs for schools embraces a cradle to career approach in arts education.  As members of the Coalition of Communities of Color, the OYE Sexual Health Coalition and an Oregon Arts Commission model of best practices, Milagro’s educational bilingual plays address a broad range of themes that include socioeconomic disparities, racism, environmental and health related inequity and loss of culture.  Through workshops and residencies, Milagro engages students from elementary through college to foster self-determination, wellness and cultural pride.

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For the 2016 – 2017 Season of Teatro Milagro touring plays for K – 12 students, the focus is on health and environment, encouraging students, to think globally and act locally to foster healthy environments in our homes and communities.

Opening in July is Mijita Fridita, a play for K-8 audiences, which shares the story of a young Frida Kahlo and her struggles with polio and otherness.  Through the fall of 2016, Broken Promises, a play focused on sex trafficking, will continue to tour to High Schools and Colleges across the country.  These plays are connected to Milagro’s Journeys curriculum which instills pride in self, family and community and also touches on healthy sexuality and healthy relationships.

In the spring Milagro will open El Payaso, a play inspired by the work of Ben Linder in Nicaragua in the 80’s.  Through partnerships with Clowns without Borders, Portland Jugglers, Friends of Trees and Verde, Milagro will share this inspiring story of environmental justice.  This play will be partnered with Milagro’s Arts of Science Curriculum that uses a STEAM approach to engage a whole school in a Renaissance of learning.  Also continuing through the school year, in partnership with Metro, is SUPER ANA! a 4th and 5th grade assembly focused on conscious consumerism.

Broken PromisesSept. – Nov. 2016

Amidst the backdrop of urban Latin hip hop music, rhyme, and choreography, Broken Promises reveals the shocking truth of how quickly and easily teens are ensnared in the world of sex trafficking. Performances can be paired with OYE sexual health classes.

Mijita FriditaJuly 2017 – June 2018

Fridita escapes into her imagination and journeys to the center of the world for a fiesta with all the characters of her imaginings.  Back in the real world, her peers taunt her for being different, but her father Guillermo awakens her interest in art with his love of photography. Performances are paired with Journeys curriculum.

El PayasoJan. – Nov. 2017

Honoring the late Ben Linder, environmental engineer and clown, this bilingual ecodrama follows the journey of a young Latino heading to Nicaragua for a chance to make a difference. El Payaso is a collaborative work of Latino theatre artists, Portland Jugglers, Clowns without Borders, Verde, the Ben Linder Scholarship Fund and Friends of Trees.  Performances will be paired with the Art of Science environmental workshops and residencies.

SUPER ANA!Sept. 2016 – June 2017

Ana is disparaged by her friends for not being fashionable or technology cool enough.  At night Ana dreams of a consumer monster that attacks her old family things. She becomes “Super Ana”, battling the monster by giving it a swift lesson that saves her families treasures and the planet too.  Sponsored by Metro.