Donor Portrait: Berenice Lopez-Dorsey

Donor Portrait: Berenice Lopez-Dorsey

As part of an on-going series of Donor Portraits, we select a Milagro “Angel” and present a portrait of this generous individual to our larger community. Today we bring you the energetic business owner, Berenice “Bere” Lopez-Dorsey

Bere is a lady of many talents. She is a realtor, accountant, consultant, successful business owner, philanthropist, volunteer, wife and mother, and supporter of Milagro! Currently, she owns and runs two contracting businesses. At Move-In Ready, Bere’s team of professional contractors, painters, cleaners, maintenance workers and landscapers provides her clients with every service needed make a home ready for transition. Her other venture, H.E.L.P., is a trade ally of the Energy Trust of Oregon, providing energy audits, performance assessments, and diagnostic testing to make homes more energy efficient.

About her work, Bere says, “I have the best job in the world!” Relying primarily on client referrals and word of mouth for her business, she attributes that mutual trust to her clients’ loyalty and commitment to her team.

Bere’s passion naturally extends to her personal life. Originally from Mexico, she moved to Portland in 1992, and first got acquainted with Milagro while her daughter was attending the International School. She became involved thanks to the encouragement of Osvaldo “Ozzie” Gonzalez, a beloved former member of Milagro’s Board of Directors. Volunteering her time, expertise, and enthusiasm for life, Bere keeps coming back to Milagro for the intimacy of the close-knit Latino community, the opportunity to be involved in promoting Spanish-language theatre and culture, and for the productions and themes that resonate strongly with her.

In May 2013, Bere and H.E.L.P. (in alliance with the Energy Trust of Oregon) gave Milagro a very special gift: they applied for and won a $30,000 grant for energy efficient building improvements to El Centro Milagro, focusing on HVAC and lighting to reduce power usage and utility bills. To make sure the project was finished, H.E.L.P. also contributed an additional $20,000 of contracted labor and services. Some of the wonderful improvements include bright energy efficient lights and ballasts in Milagro’s office, and a mini-split heat system for the dressing room, sparing our actors from unnecessary freezing!

The funding was made available through a one-time federal grant through City of Portland’s Bureau of Planning and Sustainability’s “Bucks for Buildings” program, offering a total of $300,000 in rebates for eligible energy-efficiency improvements to Portland buildings up to 50,000 square feet in size.

Berenice’s leadership in the project has been invaluable in moving El Centro Milagro into its next stage as a true community space.

We at Milagro are very thankful for Bere’s contributions and energy, and glad to share the great work done in our community. A huge thanks to her and all the other Angels that make Milagro possible!