The reviews for Raíz, our Day of the Dead show, are rolling in …

The reviews for Raíz, our Day of the Dead show, are rolling in …

“The connections found here in tableau, in music, in dance, in clowning and in poignance, and in personalized rituals around a final Día de Los Muertos altar, show both we as individuals and the culture as a whole longing to bridge the chasm back to our those we have lost and miss, whose presence and influence are ever with us, back all the way to our very roots.”  — Faddah Wolf, reviewer for Portland Stage Reviews

“All the culture of Día de los muertos is seen in a lively and spirited way. You’ll feel the drum beating under your feet, and really become a part of the show itself.” — Maya Barbon, reviewer for

“This year’s offering, directed by Arturo Martinini, is rooted in the notion that ‘life is a dream, and death is a passage to an awakening consciousness of reality,’ as the director’s notes put it. These lofty themes are presented via three interlocking stories … The most engaging moments in Raíz are provided by Zoe Rudman and Enrique Andrade as a pair of Charlie Chaplin-inspired clowns; Rudman, in particular, demonstrates a huge gift for physical, nonverbal comedy. … Those scrappy clowns are delightful.” — Alison Hallett, reviewer for Portland Mercury

“It was amazing!!!” — Jennette Hall on Facebook

“Spectacular!! So many of the scenes still resonate with me.” — Laura Stegner Pessolano on Facebook

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