Portland native actress Maya Malan-Gonzalez back at Milagro Stage with Teatro Luna

Portland native actress Maya Malan-Gonzalez back at Milagro Stage with Teatro Luna

Photo by Amanda de la Guardia 

of you
remember Maya Malán-González as the young Frida Frida Kahlo in Milagro’s 2007 Frida: Un reatablo. Almost 5 years have
passed since this talented local actress moved east to Chicago to study acting
at DePaul University. In just a week, Maya
will be returning to Milagro as a cast member of Luna Unlaced and Generation Sex {oh!}

Before the
opening night of Luna Unlaced, and
still on the road, Maya took some time to share with us what it means to be
back performing for the Portland audience.

Luna Unlaced will mark your return to
Portland stages, how do you feel about being back in your home town and back at

Being back
in Portland to perform at the Milagro stage is electrifying! Having the
opportunity to work at my home company with a group like Teatro Luna is such a
blessing. I am literally returning to my roots. I cannot wait to perform at
Milagro and share with my family, friends and community the work I’ve been
doing on my journey since leaving home.

We understand that Teatro Luna is a
Pan-Latino theatre company based on Chicago, and that for over 13 years they
perform stories relative to Latinos. As a young Latina what is the thing you
find more remarkable about the work that Teatro Luna produces?

As a teatrista it is an honor to be a part of
Teatro Luna. These women are brilliant and thrilling; I am so proud of the work
we’ve done together. I’ve gotten a deeper understanding of familia and sisterhood. These stories are universal and everyone
can relate on some level. The feedback we receive in the cities we’ve toured
thus far is humbling; the shared experience with the audience is really what is
most remarkable.

Tell us a little bit about Luna Unlaced and
what the audiences can expect of this show

Expect an
adventure. No one knows where the night will go! Each audience member is given
a menu with 20 pieces and through a series of random draws, twitter wars and
trivia, 12 pieces are chosen; they could be musical numbers, poems, scenes or
monologues. Anything can happen with the ladies of Luna!

After Luna Unlaced tour in the states, you
and the cast will be part of Edinburgh Fringe Festival in the UK. How do you
feel about being part of this renowned international theatre festival?

exposed to international theatre through the Edinburgh Fringe festival is going
to be such an impactful experience. Teatro Luna is going on a very special
adventure and I cannot say how amazed I am to have a front seat.

Last but not least, tell us why Portlanders
cannot miss Luna Unlaces at Milagro from July 19-21?

Teatro Luna
is on a remarkable journey right now in American Theatre. We are creating
original devised work that is sassy and thrilling, presenting it in innovative
ways. Luna Unlaced is full of humor and music, sometimes serious, always
engaging with a sprinkle of Spanish. An evening with the Luna ladies is a party
you do not want to miss!

Do not miss
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