Photo of the Day: Roosevelt & Opción Múltiple

Photo of the Day: Roosevelt & Opción Múltiple

Today, students from two high schools, Riverdale and Roosevelt, were at Milagro for a matinee of Opción Múltiple, the dark comedy in Spanish playing through the end of the month. After the performance, the group from Roosevelt High had the opportunity to share questions and feedback with director Nelda Reyes and her cast. The students’ perspective was that much richer since they had the opportunity to read the script and meet the playwright before coming to the show.

Make sure to get tickets and catch the show before it closes Feb. 28, and read below for some thoughts from over two dozen e-mail messages we received from students!

Hello. My name is Sofia and I am one of Ms. Garcia –
Velasco’s AP Spanish students and I just wanted to say thank you for letting my
class and myself to participate in watching the amazing performance of
“Opcion Multiple”. I laughed, smiled and cried watching this performance
and I would watch it a million times more. Reading and watching the play are
two completely different things and I’m glad that I got to experience both.
Thank you again for giving us the honor of watching your performance and I hope
to see it once again soon.
Sincerely, Sofia Palavecino

First off, I want to thank you for the warm welcoming and
for being so kind and nice with all of us. The whole experience was incredible,
and the play was amazing. It was so cool seeing the whole story acted out after
reading it. Comparing similar things to the story and finding out new things as
well. It was funny, sad, serious; a masterpiece. I really enjoyed going and
watching the play and have nothing but good and positive things to say about
Thank you, Jayson Garcia-Mireles 

Me gustó mucho la obra que presentaron. Yo la disfruté mucho porque estubo
muy interesante y yo puede conectarme con los personajes porque yo creo
que  todas las personas a veces cambian de humor o carácter en algún
momento.  Muchas gracias por todo.
(Unidentified Student)

The actors were great and easily identified. Each one played the roles how I imagined it… I would recommend for people to go and watch it. The ending had me thinking.
(Michel Gonzalez Ramirez)

After reading the play in class I was really looking forward to watching it, and very nervous of seeing how it would come out. I really had high expectation for this play based on what I had read in class. I felt it was a well written piece and it met the expectations i had. I really enjoyed it and I’m looking forward to inviting friends and family to attend Milagro in the future.
(Oscar Garcia Chavez)