Now you get the picture: Aztlán backdrop

Now you get the picture: Aztlán backdrop

Like a picture emerging as the dust from a haboob settles, the background mural for Searching for Aztlán is taking shape, and what a stunner it is!

Painted by Sivonna West, who also created the set piece for Sueños de Fútbol, the current picture includes symbols and characters from Aztec and indigenous mythology. One of the main features is Tonatiuh, the symbol of the current age in humanity’s history, the Fifth Sun.

Ms. West, a California native, brought with her an Associate’s Degree in Fine Art with emphasis on Fine Art and photography when she relocated to attend the Pacific Northwest College of Art in 2008, graduating with a BFA in Illustration. She took a residency in 2014 at StudioP52 in Barcelona, focusing on painting 3 large murals.

Her work has been showed in several local venues: Pony Club, Floating World Comics, Together Gallery, La Merde, Fontanelle Gallery, Jam on Hawthorne, East Side Delicatessen and at PNCA. You can see more of her work at and come and see the completed background mural when Searching for Aztlán opens at Milagro in January or while on tour around the country through November 2015.

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