Andean Dreams: Meet the talent

Andean Dreams: Meet the talent

Andean Dreams will open the sixth edition of
La Luna Nueva! A celebration of music, dance, poetry and legends from the Andes will take us to the time of the Incan empire where the condors fly high across the sky and the arts of hydraulics and irrigation were mastered.

This word premiere is a collaboration between the Andean musical group CHAYAG and Peruvian dancer Luciana Proaño; Andean Dreams is an allegory
of brotherhood, union, traditions and Latino America. Make sure to join us Sep. 12-14, and in the meantime get to know more about the talent behind the show! See you at Milagro!

Luciana Proaño is an
eclectic Peruvian artist dedicated to multidisciplinary and cross-cultural
expression. She has a unique aesthetic style which shows how her Peruvian
heritage and world travels are deeply blended in her subconscious. Luciana is a mother of
three and a wife of 25 years. Her credentials
include: Dance Theater Workshop, NY; Director of Aceituna Albina (Perú-NY
funded by Rockefeller Foundation for 6 years); Lincoln Center (NY); Assistant director/choreographer
at the National Choreographic Center in France; Museum of Contemporary Hispanic
Art, NY. Queen Elizabeth Hall in London, UNESCO in Paris. Lectures at multiple
colleges including Penn State University, Parsons School of Design and Miami
Dade College. Her collaborators include: JB Butler, Eugene Skeef, Martin Zarzar, Bastenne Schmidt, Essiet
Essiet, Chocolate Algendones, etc.


Alex Llumiquinga  Alex has played Andean Folk Music for the last 20 years of his
life. He was inspired as a boy by his grandfather and the popular Andean folk
groups of his native country, Ecuador. He later traveled the world sharing his
music as part of the music group Chayag.
After coming to the US, he had continued performing and
sharing his music with the diverse population of this part of the country.

Oscar Hernandez “Tito” Amaya was born in San Salvador El Salvador. Tito is aTrova singer and Latin American music interpreter. His credits include: concert performed Melico Salazar Theatre with Projection Andean Group Costa Rica from 1985 to 1989; Founder of Latitudes Group in 1990 with Enrique “Choco” and Miky Luis Ramirez. Participated with Mud City Music Production with Mixed Spiral Jazz Group.

Tito Amaya has traveled to Central America, Holland, Germany, Canada, and the United States, performing and promoting original music and Latin American folklore. He is part of the group Chayag since 2010.

Freddy Calla Waiwa was born in Potosi, Bolivia. At a young age he learned
to play Andean flutes inspired by his family and friends. At the age of 20 he
traveled to Mexico City to continue his studies in natural medicine. During his
school years he continued performing with local musicians.
Today Freddy lives in Oregon where he practices natural
medicine and he is also part of the group Chayag.