American Night is “exceptional!” – Review excerpts

American Night is “exceptional!” – Review excerpts

The following highlights have been taken from the review Home is Where the Heart is on Dennis Sparks: All Things Performing Arts:

“This is a strange and wonderful piece, taking us on a journey through our history…

The story is told with nine actors playing a variety of roles, as well as a voice over by Adrienne Flagg, and they are quite amazing…

[T]he purpose of the play is not so much to answer questions for Juan but to have us ask questions of ourselves about the issues presented.

[Director Elizabeth] Huffman is absolutely amazing with what she can do with a small space, an epic story and a very talented array of actors… the set/lighting (Megan Wilkerson) and terrific video backdrops (Lawrence Siulagi) are a real plus to the production, keeping us apprised of where we are in time and space.  And the costumes (Sara Ludeman) are extraordinary, giving us a rapid-fire look and a huge array of characters.

The ensemble is exceptional, one of the best I’ve seen! And [Ozvaldo] Gonzalez stands out as the focal point. He underplays the character perfectly, so that you can empathize with him and identify with his plight. I’ve reviewed many of the actors in this show before and it’s to their credit that they have stretched themselves in roles that I haven’t seen them explore before.

An actor/theatre is, first and foremost, a storyteller, and all that is really needed is an author’s words, an actor/creator’s talent and an audience’s imagination.  All the rest, although perhaps, pleasant to look at, is just window-dressing. [Milagro] is one of the best at exploring those possibilities.”

American Night: the Ballad of Juan José returns this Thursday May 7 at 7:30 and continues playing through May 23. Get tickets or sign up to usher today!

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